Blogging again, with a new mission

It has been a very long time since my last blog post.

My old camera broke, I gained too much weight baking so often, and I ran out of steam.

I have still been improving my baking skills, but at a slower rate.

I’m in Grad school now, and Mrs. Minty is finally living with me in the same city. I have been on a diminishing diet as I received progressively smaller scholarships, and have decided to work harder at eating within my means. This means fewer pre-processed foods like veggie “chicken” strips and veggie sausage, as well as fewer luxury groceries like pecans, almond butter, and Medjool dates, and fewer snack foods, like almonds, crackers, and string cheese.

We’re making fresh, homemade food almost every night and I’m having protein-filled, healthy meals almost all the time. I’m hoping that by cutting down on junk, I’ll also lose the weight I’ve gained in the past year.

I want to chronicle how tasty and economical our fare is right now, so that it might inspire someone else, or just remind a future Agent Minty how I managed to eat on such a small budget.

Here we go….

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