About Agent Minty

I’m a scientist in her late twenties who is happily married to a fellow vegan. I have quite a sweet tooth, and am a general foodie.

When I share homemade dishes with people, they often say “WOW, this is vegan/vegetarian? How did you make it? I can’t imagine cooking without meat/butter/milk/eggs!”  I wanted to have a website to point these people to, where they can find out more about eating and making animal-free foods without losing flavour and excitement.

I will admit that it was hard to give up cheese and some other dairy products, but there are so many delicious options out there now to satisfy my cravings without animal products. While it would be great if everyone cut down on their meat consumption to the point that animal ranching was reduced, I know this won’t happen in the near future. However, I encourage everyone to eat a little less meat and more plants, and to make sure that what you eat makes you happy!

3 thoughts on “About Agent Minty

  1. I’m 99% sure I’ve come across your blog in the past while hunting for awesome vegan recipes. Cool!


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