Vegan Whipped Cream, Part 2

On Thursday I thawed and taste-tested my whipped cream samples. I said in previous post that my favourite was #2.

Immediately out of the freezer, all of them were rock solid. I let them sit for about an hour on the counter, and then tasted them. The samples with more cocnut milk took longer to thaw, and had a slightly “greasy” taste that I mentioned before.

My favourite after all was #3. It had a nice texture when semi-thawed, and didn’t collapse too much (Like #4 did). It had the same cocnut cream-Silk creamer proportions as #2, but had a teaspoon more sugar and was whipped for an extra 3 minutes. I could really notice the extra air in it once it was frozen, as it ended up tasting lighter.

I made a full batch of whipped cream that night to use in assembling my bûche de noël.

The recipe is as follows:

1 can high-quality coconut milk, refrigerated

15 mL rum

5 mL vanilla

1.25 mL lemon juice

55 mL powdered (icing) sugar

80 mL Silk soy-based creamer

1. Open the coconut milk and scoop off the hard fatty cream into the mixing bowl. This should take up 90-95% of the can.

2. Add the rum, vanilla, and lemon juice.

3. Beat on high speed for 2 minutes.

4. Add the icing sugar.

5. Beat on high for another minute.

6. Scrape down the mixing bowl and restart the mixer on high.

7. Add the soy creamer in a stream or by the tablespoon while the mixer is running.

8. Beat on high for 2-3 minutes, or until the mixture is fluffy with slightly firm peaks.


– Start with all of your ingredients cold.

– If possible, start with a cold mixing bowl and beater. It’s ok if they’re room temperature, but they should never be warm!

– If you don’t want to add rum on another liqueur, use 5 mL of corn syrup mixed with 10 mL of water, or 1o mL of maple syrup mixed with 5 mL of water.

This is wonderful as a topping on hot chocolate or fresh gingerbread cake.

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