Weeks of leftovers and wierd recipes

I haven’t been posting lately because it’s been one of those periods where most of my cooking has been same-old recipes, leftovers, unphotogenic, or just plain disastrous.

For example, last weekend I tried making the family recipes for lemon loaf. I’ve made it several times before, and it’s a pretty forgiving recipe – basically a butter cake with lemon zest, and a lemony sugar glaze on top. I called my mom for the recipe, and then made it. What a disaster. And then the next day, I measured everything more carefully and got a disaster again. We’re talking about a cake that crusted up on top and oozed out the sides of the top crust, and then sunk back down to make a hollow, gooey cavern inside its crusty shell. I visited my parents a few dyas later and checked the recipe book. Some lapse in communication has resulted in me writing down 2 cups of sugar, instead of the 1 the recipe calls for! I learned the hard way that doubling the sugar in a recipe is a huge no-no.

After making it correctly, and having it rise to a beautiful golden loaf, I flipped it onto a cooling rack and got rack marks all over the top, so no pictures were taken. We all make mistakes, and we all move on, but sometimes it’s wise not to take photos for evidence!

I’m making some bread today, and hopefully it will be blog-worthy. I hope you all have has a better success ratio in your cooking lately!

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